Sandy Faber....                                   


I think the combination of coming from a creative family and my love and passion for babies, has drawn me into sculpting these realistic lifelike Baby Dolls.

 What started out as a simple hobby at the age of 17, has grown into my fulltime job.

All babies are handmade from the Australian clay Modelene.

I try to give each baby it's own unique look and character, which makes them all One of a Kind pieces of Art. They carry the weight and size of a real newborn baby.

In April 2010 I gave birth to my babyson  Jimmy,  who, ofcourse ,  ever since has been my biggest inspiration for my sculpting.

My work is currently being sold worldwide, directly through my website as well as through many shops and dealers throughout the USA



See my film at You Tube BUTTON 1 BUTTON 2 BUTTON 3